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I currently have no events planned for this month.


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Computer Related Downloads

I mostly code in perl and php, with an occasional piece of C or C++ now and then. Most of my code is work-related and would do you no good. Stuff that I have contributed back to the community that other people might find useful is available to download below. I'll also post computer related news here from time to time.

Stuff to download:

  • Hacked up iso of the Linuxcare Bootable Business Card Project
    *Basically just adds on option to mount NTFS volumes and change local NT passwords in the SAM. Please note that I made this iso in 2003, so it should be considered outdated at this point. Download Here

  • PHP Oracle 9i patch
    This patch allows PHP 4.0.6 to work with oracle9i databases. Nothing really more than some small changes to the configure script. Download Here
    *Usage: (from dir directly underneath the php source tree) patch -p0 < php-4.0.6-oci8-oracle9i.patch
    *NOTICE: This patch is no longer necessary in versions >= PHP 4.1.0 as my patch was incorporated into php.

  • Linux PC Speaker Patch
    This kernel patch allows the PC Speaker to act as an audio device. I didn't originally write this: All I did was take someone else's patch and make it work with the 2.4.8 kernel. It might work on other 2.4.x kernels, but probably won't work with 2.6.x and later kernels. Download Here

  • MIMEDefang QuarantineAdmin Patch
    Patch for MIMEDefang 2.24 and 2.25 to allow for a seperate email account to recieve quarantine reports. Download Here
    *NOTICE: This patch is no longer necessary in versions >= MIMEDefang 2.26 as a new quarantine without notify function has been included.

Stuff to read:

  • Apache Compilation Documentation
    These are my notes on compiling Apache with SSL/PHP/Frontpage support.
    *Note that this is outdated and only applies to Apache 1.3.x.

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