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Topic: Car

Stuck in the Mud
01:54pm Wednesday, 30 Jan 2008

So on Monday I managed to get the TDI stuck in the mud. This happened in the parking lot at the gym. The parking lot was full and I made the mistake of parking in rather soft spot in the grass. I knew it was a soft spot but I had parked there many times before and figured it was ok. I went for a run and by the time I came back I could see that the tires were already sunk in the ground. It took lots of pushing by three of the biggest dudes at the gym to get the car out. In the process the bottom portion of the bumper (the black part) came partially dislodged and split into two pieces. So Scott from the gym and myself went ahead and pulled it completely off and trashed it. Parts of the inside wheel well cover were also loose (they were attached to part of the bottom bumber and got pulled loose when the bumper came dislodged) and I ended up losing part of the driver's side one on the interstate on the way home.

Surprisingly, the car seems to still run and handle fine. The only thing noticable (besides the missing bumper section and inside wheel well cover) is that there is slightly more wind noise at higher speeds due to the missing wheel well cover. I have yet to determine if this is affecting gas mileage. Now that the bumper piece is gone the lowest point on the car body is the skid plate. So now when I bottom out (which happens pretty much daily, because my front suspension is pretty much shot beacause the roads in southeast Louisiana are pretty much crap) instead of the car making a plastic scraping sound now it makes a metal dinging sound,

Topic: Car

Interstate 12: I-10's evil little brother
11:59am Wednesday, 12 Dec 2007

I somehow managed to run over what appeared to be about an 8 foot section of splintered, shattered white picket fence that somehow ended up laying across both lanes of I-12 Monday night without damaging my car. Steel skidplate saves the day again!

Topic: Photography

Photogallery Updated Again
10:33pm Friday, 26 Oct 2007

I've finally dumped the pictures off of my digital camera's memory card and uploaded them to the photogallery. Highlights include Boston pics, more D.C. pics, more N.O. pics, and a few other goodies. I still have about a dozen rolls of film to get processed. Maybe by Christmas...

Topic: Streetcars

St. Charles Line Rolls in the LGD Again!
09:26pm Friday, 28 Sep 2007

From RTA's website:
The overhead catenary system on the St. Charles streetcar line from Calliope to Upperline will be energized with 600 volts DC. With this activation of the power lines, the first time in over two years, RTA is reminding all that power lines are dangerous. Streetcars will begin testing, perhaps as early as this week.

This is a huge and exciting milestone in bringing back the entire St. Charles line.

Topic: Photography

Photogallery Updated
12:15am Tuesday, 7 Aug 2007

For all 2 of you folks that have been bugging me to upload more pictures, your wish has been granted. I just dumped a bunch of digital shots from 2006 and 2007 to the gallery (No I *STILL* haven't processed my dozens of rolls of film...sorry). There were supposed to be more, but I accidentally erased the compact flash card before they finished transferring to my machine. I was able to rescue most of them by reconstructing the filesystem, but some of them got "corrupted" and now look like some sort of Andy Warhol exihibition. Hopefully I will be able to fix some of these and have them uploaded later in the week.

Topic: New Orleans

One of the many reasons why I love my neighborhood, despite all of its problems...
04:01pm Tuesday, 5 Jun 2007

I was awoken around midnight Monday morning to the sounds of an impromptu second line parade making it's way down my street. The group of about 100 revelers started to turn the corner away from my house but doubled-back and continued down my street when they saw me come out and dance to the music on my front stoop. There have been a few other parades down my street before, but never one this late at night and with this many people. It was pretty awesome.


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