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Topic: Photography

Photogallery Updated Again
10:33pm Friday, 26 Oct 2007

I've finally dumped the pictures off of my digital camera's memory card and uploaded them to the photogallery. Highlights include Boston pics, more D.C. pics, more N.O. pics, and a few other goodies. I still have about a dozen rolls of film to get processed. Maybe by Christmas...

Topic: Photography

Photogallery Updated
12:15am Tuesday, 7 Aug 2007

For all 2 of you folks that have been bugging me to upload more pictures, your wish has been granted. I just dumped a bunch of digital shots from 2006 and 2007 to the gallery (No I *STILL* haven't processed my dozens of rolls of film...sorry). There were supposed to be more, but I accidentally erased the compact flash card before they finished transferring to my machine. I was able to rescue most of them by reconstructing the filesystem, but some of them got "corrupted" and now look like some sort of Andy Warhol exihibition. Hopefully I will be able to fix some of these and have them uploaded later in the week.

Topic: Photography

Photogallery Updated
05:20pm Wednesday, 23 Nov 2005

Well since no one is at work today, thus making it difficult to get anything done, I've finally updated the photogallery. Photos have been added from my Amtrak trip, the Zoo, JazzFest, and the Saints game. I've added a few post-Katrina pictures, but the vast majority of those haven't been developed yet. I'll try to add the rest of them soon.

Additionally, I expect to have the webcam back up sometime this weekend, so look out for that soon.

Topic: Photography

Photogallery Updated
12:14pm Thursday, 14 Jul 2005

I finally got around to dumping the pictures off of my digital camera. Around 175 photos or so have been added to the gallery. Folders updated include: New Orleans, New Orleans Skyline, Audubon Zoo, and Mardi Gras. I still have 6 rolls of film that I need to get processed. As soon as those are scanned (it will probably take a few weeks) I will post them also.

Topic: Photography

Photo Gallery (FINALLY) Updated
11:52pm Wednesday, 16 Mar 2005
(Updated 12:39am EST, 18 Mar 2005)

Well it took well over a year, but I've finally updated the photo gallery. I added about 10 rolls worth of pictures, so go check them out. I still need to add comments for all of the new pictures...look for those sometime later this week. I also have 100 or so photos I need to post that were taken with my new digital camera. I'll put those up soon as well.
UPDATE: All of the comments have been added. Look for the digital pictures to be posted sometime in the next two weeks.

Topic: Photography

New Digital Point-and-Shoot for Christmas
05:31pm Thursday, 30 Dec 2004

So for Christmas my parents got me a Kodak CX7300. It's a 3.2MP Point-and-Shoot with 3x zoom (sadly digital zoom only though) and an SD slot. It's certainly not the fanciest camera out there, but it has a relatively small form-factor, so it will probably become my camera of choice for taking pictures in the city and in situations where lugging the SLR around is a bit impratical. Also I finally got around to sending the 10 rolls of film that have been sitting on my desk for a year off to Shutterfly for scanning, so expect a ton of pictures to be up on the website soon.


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