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Topic: Streetcars

Red Ladies Will Roll Again Soon...
11:33am Wednesday, 12 Nov 2008

I saw one of the Red "Von Dullen" cars rolling on a test run down St. Charles this weekend with "Desire" line signage. More info here . Looks like there will be enough restored red cars to fully man the Canal line by the end of the year. I wish I would have had my camera with me...

Topic: Streetcars

11:52pm Sunday, 20 Jul 2008

I was in Seattle last week and got to check out their new streetcar line: The South Lake Union line. This is technically their second streetcar line, but is currently the only one running, as the George Benson Waterfront line has been out of service since 2005 pending the construction of a new car barn. Regrettably I forgot my camera, which is really too bad because I happened to catch the crew washing one of the cars outside of the barn when I went by. Click below for more information about the line.


Topic: Streetcars

St. Charles Line Finally Complete
10:19pm Monday, 23 Jun 2008

This weekend the streetcars finally started rolling down South Carrollton Avenue again for the first time in three years. This completes the saga of the St. Charles line's struggle to return after Hurricane Katrina. All that is left now is for the red Von Dullen cars to be rebuilt and to run on the Canal and Riverfront lines again. HERE is the story from

Topic: Streetcars

Oh Snap!
12:54pm Monday, 11 Feb 2008

Two streetcars collide on Canal St.
This happened near the Canal barn, so I imagine either one of the switches there malfunctioned or someone forgot to change one of the switches back to where it was supposed to be during normal operations.

Topic: Streetcars

St. Charles Line Rolls in the LGD Again!
09:26pm Friday, 28 Sep 2007

From RTA's website:
The overhead catenary system on the St. Charles streetcar line from Calliope to Upperline will be energized with 600 volts DC. With this activation of the power lines, the first time in over two years, RTA is reminding all that power lines are dangerous. Streetcars will begin testing, perhaps as early as this week.

This is a huge and exciting milestone in bringing back the entire St. Charles line.

Topic: Streetcars

St. Charles Line Back in Operation (sortof)
04:22pm Tuesday, 19 Dec 2006

As of 10:30 this morning, riders can now ride the St. Charles Ave. streetcar line from it's terminus at Canal St. to Lee Circle. See the TP article here. While this isn't even a quarter of the distance of the original line, at least it's a start. RTA promises that the line will be extended to Napolean Ave (within walking distance of my house!) as soon as the new power rectifier under the Crescent City Connection is built. Woot!


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