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Introducing the YardCam
09:53pm Friday, 29 Feb 2008

Due to an attempted break-in (which, for those concerned, was unsuccessful (the alarm system did its job (HDANCN?!))) I finally got around to adding a webcam to the back yard. You can find it on the left side of the page right underneath the front yard "hood" cam. I'm not sure yet if I am going to keep it where it is, so the view might change slightly in the next few days.

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Desktop machine resurrected, webcam revived
05:39pm Thursday, 4 Jan 2007

I used my Christmas money to by a pair of 80GB hard drives to replace the dead drive in my desktop machine. I am using software RAID, so now I have some redundancy in the case of another failure. As a result, the webcam is back up. I have a little bit of money left over, so I am toying with the idea of getting a few cheap wireless cams to put around other parts of the house. Looks for more cams soon perhaps...

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Webcam back up (for now)
06:48pm Monday, 9 Oct 2006

Well the harddrive that was dead is now not dead, so the webcame is back up again. Something tells me it will probably die again sometime soon though, so until I buy a new drive expect the webcame to be up and down periodically.

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Webcam back up
12:59am Thursday, 22 Jun 2006

Ok, I rebuilt my desktop machine after my hard drive debacle, so my webcame is back up. You'll notice that the once "Dorm Cam", then "Swamp Cam", then "Yard Cam" has now become the "Hood Cam". This is because the computer has moved from the bedroom to the office/guest room. I'll probably be rigging up some sort of makeshift tripod soon so that I can focus the camera on the condemed church across the street from me - it should be getting torn down sometime soon and I'd like to have it documented.

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Website Junk
11:18pm Monday, 6 Jun 2005

Ok, so I haven't posted in a month...and the webcam stopped updating two weeks ago...and the calendar stopped working sometime last year. I guess that means it's time for some site maintenance.

First off, the webcam is back up. For one reason or another the webcam daemon failed to start the last time my machine was rebooted and I just didn't notice until now.

Fixing the calendar will be more tricky. I don't even have an ics-compatible calendar client on my computer anymore, which is how the calender was being propigated to the webpage. I'll throw mozilla calendar on here sometime later this week and get to working on it.

Don't expect me to stop being lazy and start posting more frequently, however. You can also forget about me adding any more pictures to the photo gallery for awhile, even though I have 100+ digital shots and 5+ rolls of film to process. Maybe when I finally finish my thesis I'll get around to sorting through pictures.

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Swap Cam is Online
11:26pm Monday, 16 Aug 2004

My professor is out of town and unable to comment on my latest thesis changes, so I finally have a weeknight to relax. I decided to spend part of this time updating the packages on my computer and setting the webcam back up. Right now it is precariously hanging from the railing of my loft. Soon I will get a small "foot-tripod" that I can put it on so that you can see down from the loft at a better angle.


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