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I currently have no events planned for this month.


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Welcome to my homepage

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If you have any questions or comments email me at lee at whatley dot org.

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Webcam back online
07:39pm Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004

Ok I finally got my AC adapter back, so the webcam is again functional. Now I can make sure you punks don't sneak into my room while I'm gone for Spring Break.

Topic: Website

Webcam Down
05:04pm Tuesday, 13 Jan 2004

Oh I forgot to mention, the webcam is going to be down for awhile. It's been down since Friday. I let someone borrow the AC adapter for the camera.

Topic: Website

Favicon added; Logo fixed
02:57am Friday, 9 Jan 2004

I got bored so I created a favicon.ico file for the site. It is a red-saturated profile of my head that I use as my "user icon" for XDM. At the 16x16 favicon size it just kind of looks like a blob. Here is the full size image that I use for my XDM icon.

In addition to this, I fixed the problem of the logo being uneven in different browsers. I had to put it in a table to do this (since you can't control a span's height) so I guess I can't completely get away from tables.

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New Stylesheets
04:03am Monday, 5 Jan 2004

Ok well the new stylesheets are in place. The bulk of the website is now using CSS2 positioning instead of tables. This should speed up page loading and make the site more search-engine friendly. With the change comes some quirks though. Alot of the margins and paddings are wierd and some of the text doesn't line up where it should on certain pages. I plan on fixing this soon, don't worry.

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Domain Change
08:40pm Thursday, 25 Dec 2003
(Updated 10:02pm EST, 27 Dec 2003)

Merry Christmas Everyone! Well the move to has started. Right now most of the content still resides on but I should have the move completed by the new year.

UPDATE: Ok all of the content and the database has been moved. The next step is to revamp the layout. Hopefully I will be able to remove all of the tables and have a CSS2/XHTML-compliant web site.

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Calendar Added
07:10pm Thursday, 24 Apr 2003

Paper procrastination has led to yet a new feature: My shared calendar!
The calendar table will list events I have planned for the month and is updated once an hour through RSS. I think the hourly update is probably overkill since I don't really plan things very often, but maybe this will force me to. I highly recommend for mozilla users to check out Mozilla Calendar. It works like Apple's iCal and lets you sync up to webdav enabled http servers. Also phpicalendar and fase4 rdf are handy utilities to have if you plan on doing shared calendaring.


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