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Topic: Car

05:44pm Tuesday, 31 Jan 2006

So to give ya'll an update on the current score in the war between Louisiana roadways and myself: it's now somewhere around 20 to 0 with the roads showing no signs of backing down or allowing me a scoring opportunity. Since my last post about how beat up my car was getting I've had:

  • 1 flat tire
  • 1 broken motor mount (which cost a ridiculous amount of $$ to fix and required towing to the dealership)
  • 5 winshield cracks
  • Paint from some fratboy's SUV all over my front bumper
The TDI has been taking it pretty well, i.e. she still runs fine, but long gone are the days when people asked me if my car was brand new.
One day I-10, I shall get my revenge....One day....

Topic: Car

New Skidplate Added
02:04pm Thursday, 21 Jul 2005

So two weeks ago the cheapo factory plastic skidplate on my car finally fell off. Counting the flat tire and windshield crack from earlier this year, that makes the score Interstate-10: 3, Lee: 0. So to make sure my oilpan isn't the next thing I have to sacrifice to Louisiana's sorry excuse for roads, I bought a Dieselgeek Panzer Skidplate. As a testament to how indestructable this thing is, shipped it to me with no packaging. That's right, they just slapped a label on the side of it and off it went. It was a pain to install, but I think it was worth it. It certainly beats the pants off of the factory plastic (worthless) skidplate. So bring it on I-10!

Topic: Car

New Tires and Struts, No Thanks to Sears
10:54pm Tuesday, 21 Dec 2004

I forgot to post about my ridiculous encounter with the Sears Auto Center in Metairie a few weeks ago. The Jetta was in serious need of new tires and suspension, so I went to Sears. I have used Sears in the past when replacing the tires/shocks on the Bronco, and they have always done a good job and had great service. This past time however, I was not happy with my service at all. Click below to read the rest of my rant.


Topic: Car

New Clutch
12:23am Monday, 15 Nov 2004

For the last 3 weeks my car was making horrible noises anytime the engine was between 1800-2100 RPM. I finally took it to the dealership and (as I suspected) found out that the clutch needed to be replaced. I went ahead and had the clutch, throw-out bearing, and flywheel replaced. Now the jetta sounds more quiet than it's ever sounded and shifts very smoothly. Anyone who thinks they may need a new clutch in their VW automobile should take note and make sure that they really need it replaced clutches/flywheels ain't cheap!

Topic: Car

New Battery
07:43pm Friday, 28 Nov 2003

My old battery was slowly dying (it was taking 2 and 3 cranks to start every time) so I bought an Optima "Red Top" 34/78. The car starts on the first crank every time now and starts faster than ever before.

Topic: Car

New MPG Milestone
11:19pm Wednesday, 5 Nov 2003

Whoohoo! I got 48.44 miles per gallon on my last tank of diesel. That's a new record for my car. If I had filled up right after I got back from Nashville instead of tooling around town for another 100 miles I probably would have been over 50MPG.


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