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I currently have no events planned for this month.


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The photography section

I like taking pictures. In this section you will find info about the equipment I use, the equipment I want, and will get to view galleries of stuff I have taken.


Right now I own the following:


  • Nikon N65 QD
  • Nikkor 28-80mm "G" Lens
  • Quantaray UV Filter

  • Agfa Ephoto Smile
  • Kodak CX7300

As you can see I don't have much equipment, but I make due with what I have. I mostly shoot 35MM and then have my pictures processed with Shutterfly where I obtain digital copies.

Topic: Photography

Photogallery Updated
11:21pm Wednesday, 5 Nov 2003
(Updated 06:10pm EST, 6 Nov 2003)

I just had 7 rolls of film processed, so a few new albums have been added to the photogallery. I haven't had time to add comments to the new albums yet, but hopefully I will add these by the end of the week. Stay tuned for updates on that...

UPDATE: Ok I got bored at work. Comments have been added to the new albums.

Topic: Photography

Photo Gallery Updated
12:25pm Thursday, 24 Jul 2003

The photo gallery has been updated with a few more albums. There will probably be a few more added in the next couple of weeks.

Topic: Photography

Photogallery is ready for viewing
03:56pm Tuesday, 6 May 2003
(Updated 03:54am EDT, 15 May 2003)

Ok the photogallery is up and the pictures are commented. I might add some more pictures later, but you can enjoy these for now. UPDATED: There are 3 more galleries added and I also added more photos to the Mardi Gras section. Enjoy.

Topic: Photography

Photo Gallery in the Works
04:53pm Tuesday, 29 Apr 2003
(Updated 09:49pm EDT, 2 May 2003)

Ok so I think I've decided on Yappa for my photo gallery software. It's simple and is written in php. If it gets to be too much of a pain I'll try something else. I don't have any galleries up yet because now I have to organize all of my pictures (and download most of them from shutterfly). Expect some galleries to be online Monday after I turn all of my papers in.

UPDATE: Ok well Yappa wasn't quite what I was looking for. I think I've finally settled on Mig for the gallery. I've put up a few images to test it with. The rest of the gallery will be up by the end of the weekend and I'll comment the images as soon as I have the time.

Topic: Photography

Suggestions for Photo Gallery Software
07:00pm Saturday, 19 Apr 2003

Ok well I need to get the photogalleries up but I'm not too sure what software package I should use. Freshmeat has plenty of photo gallery suites available; too many if you ask me. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want something preferably written in PHP, but will consider C , perl, or anything else if it is good. I think I would rather have something that dynamically processes the images rather than something you have to run before you post the gallery to generate html. Also something that autogenerates thumbnails would be great. Please email me with suggestions. lee - at - cba - dot - ua - dot - edu


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